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My Top 3 Future Travel Destinations

My Top 3 Future Travel Destinations

If you know anything about me, you know that all I do is think about my next vacation (and eat.. mostly eat). I have, what some would call, intense "wanderlust". I love exploring new places, trying new foods, meeting new people, and learning about cultures all around the world. I have had the privilege of traveling to many different places: Wales, Israel, Guatemala, Alaska, and the list goes on. However, I can never travel enough. I get bored of where I am and what I am doing very easily, and while I was unable to travel this summer, my friends and family did some traveling for me. That is why I have compiled a list of places that they went over the last few months that I would eventually like to get to myself! 




Why yes, my parents did go to Africa for over a month. Can't believe it? Me neither. The jealousy was REAL every time my mother sent me photos of them on safari or playing with baby animals (read: cheetahs, hyenas, lions, etc.). They went on game drives where they got to get up-close and personal with animals on the Savanna. In Singita Pamushana, they had dinner under the stars. My dad even built a fire, IN AFRICA. It sounds like the stuff that happens in movies, but my parents lived it. How cool would it be to go and meet Zimbabweans and develop friendships like the ones they did over the course of merely a few days? Africa is number 1 of 3 on my "to travel" list.



Southeast Asia 


I have wanted to go to Southeast Asia for about 4 years now. It was my plan to go when I graduated university this June, but turns out my friend Jessie and her boyfriend Daniel beat me to it. There is something about this part of the world that draws me in; maybe its the food, maybe its the history, maybe its the beaches, who knows? What I do know is that based on the photos Jessie has so graciously provided me, its for sure earned a place on my infamous "to travel" list. Southeast Asia includes many countries, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, some of which Jessie and Daniel were able to visit. Daniel was actually on exchange in Singapore which is where they started their trip. Unfortunately, a few weeks in Jessie got injured (but has recovered nicely!) so they had to cut their trip short. Maybe that means that I can tag along when they decide to head back over to that part of the world (wink wink, nudge nudge).





So I have a confession, I have actually already been to Italy. However, Adrian and his family went to some places that I didn't get a chance to go to on my trip to Italy, which is why I have added it to my "to travel" list. Sure, we went to Rome, they went to Rome, we went to Venice, they went to Venice... But they went to Naples and Pompeii, and I would've killed to eat at the pizza place that Julia Roberts goes to in Eat, Pray, Love. Let's just say, he's lucky I let him come home without sharing (but I WILL eat that pizza one day). He also came home with fun stories about what they saw, like in Pompeii they found themselves a brothel with images of porn all over the walls??? Supposedly it was some sort of menu. Whatever, ancient Italy was weird. And while I didn't add it to my list to go and see some 7th century erotica, Italy, and more specifically Naples, will continue to appeal to me until I eventually step foot off the plane there. 


What places are on your "to travel" list? I need more recommendations. Let me know in the comments.

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