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The "Back to School" Athleisure Look

The "Back to School" Athleisure Look

So September has been sort of weird for me so far. A bunch of people I know still have another year or two of school, and they have all started classes again this week. Every year for as long as I can remember, September signified the start of a new year. Maybe it wasn't a real new year like it is in January, but I always looked forward to the changes that come with starting a new school semester. No matter how much we complain about it while we're in it, school is really like a safety net. It doesn't matter what we had done over the summer months, it was always there to greet us and provide us with a fresh start in the fall. 

I graduated from Ryerson University this past June, which is why September has felt so different to me. And even though I won't be strutting my stuff on Gould Street (the main stretch of the Ryerson Campus), I still feel inspired by all the student streetwear that I saw every year for 4 years straight. Comfort was always a priority for me when it came to dressing for class, so I decided to share an comfy, yet stylish outfit that I rocked quite often during my time at RU.


I've really taken to the whole athleisure trend, as I'm sure you can tell. Rarely do I rock leggings without something on top that is long enough to cover my bum. However, these mid-rise Fabletics leggings just begged to be paired with this Topshop crop top. I love the mesh details on the legs, and I have never owned a pair of pants in such a bright hue before. They felt very bold, while still considering that comfort aspect that is key in any school setting.


To me, fall has always been about layering. In Toronto, the September weather can be very inconsistent. It can be hot and humid one day, or crisp and chilly the next. That is why I added my Gap denim jacket into the mix. If you were to ask me how long it has been in my closet, well.. don't do that, because honestly I have no idea. I suppose it is a true testament to how much of a staple a denim jacket can be, it truly stands the test of time.


I should start keeping a tally as to how many people compliment me when I'm wearing my Stans. These shoes are almost as much of a classic as the denim jacket. I think the trick is keeping them such a bright white, it really makes the shoes pop. My secret? The handy dandy Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. That thing can get rid of any and every stain on these babies within seconds. Taking care of my clothes and my shoes is really important to me, and keeping these guys pearly white is part of that. All in the name of standing out on campus (among the sea of people who are also heading to their 300 person lecture).  

Good luck to everyone starting back at school this month, part of me is jealous and the other part is laughing that I ever missed school in the first place. Let me know what you like(d) best about starting a new school year in the comments! 


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Noho me ka Hau’oli

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