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3 Steps Towards Sustainable Living

3 Steps Towards Sustainable Living

Every year, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre hosts The Green Living Show. The show is home to health food brands, sustainable living products, and electric vehicles alike, and is one of my favourite events of the year. As someone who attempts to live a balanced life, I love going to test out new products and learn about new initiatives. While it may seem overwhelming to think about living sustainably, everyone can do their part (big or small) in contributing to the betterment of the global community. Here are some ways you can take your own steps towards living a sustainable life:



There are three types of vehicles that exist on the market: ones with gas engines, ones with both a gas engine and an electric motor (also known as a hybrid), and ones with only an electric motor. EVs or electric vehicles are vehicles that run exclusively on electricity, and these systems are surprisingly a lot more complex than you'd think. The cars with electric motors run off of lithium ion batteries that work to power the vehicle. We're used to gas engines, but hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles are becoming more widely accepted, if not coveted. My parents are on the waitlist for the new Tesla Model 3, and soon charging stations for similar cars will be as common as today's gas stations. 

To learn more about EVs, head to


I love a good beach vacation as much as the next girl, but sometimes I worry about how my buffet dinner is effecting the environment and communities around me. By doing some more research and keeping an open mind about travel, you can find all kinds of great options for vacations that keep the earth in mind. G Adventures, a sustainable and forward thinking travel company, plans their trips around creating the smallest carbon footprint possible. They offer authentic and affordable travel experiences that immerse you in the communities and cultures of your chosen destination. Budget-conscious, adventure-seeking travelers, this one's for you!



Although eating more greens (spinach, kale etc.) is also something you can do to live more sustainably, with this one I am referring to better understanding where your food comes from and choosing foods that are sustainably sourced. Recently, I have become more aware that current food practices are a major contributor to a majority of our environmental issues. In general, our practices are substantially better than they were a number of years ago, but there is still a long way to go in terms of educating about and understanding food production and its impacts. My first steps in better educating myself have been to seek out brands that openly advocate for sustainable and even locally sourced products. One of my favourites featured in the Green Living Show is Zazubean Organic Superfood Chocolate. They are committed to producing delicious gourmet chocolate that is ethically sourced and contains natural healthy ingredients. Plus, who doesn't love yummy chocolate?

Taking steps toward living more sustainably is not easy, but the steps don't have to be big ones. It can be as simple as choosing between two different products at the grocery store, or taking public transit or walking to work (even some of the time). Thinking about how your daily life impacts the planet can seem overwhelming, but you'd be surprised as to how much these little changes can make a difference. So next time you're shopping for a new car, looking to plan a vacation, or have a craving for something sweet, consider doing a bit more research to benefit the earth!

Have you been to the Green Living Show? What are some of the things that you do to live sustainably? Let me know below!

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