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5 Tips to Eating Healthy on Vacation

5 Tips to Eating Healthy on Vacation

Being at home is great, but being on vacation in a super cool place is just as fun. I love traveling and seeing the world - discovering new places, cultures, and foods. However, that can sometimes end up stressing me out when it comes to my overall health and fitness. I get excited to try new things, but they don’t always align with my current diet goals. That’s right, your girl is trying to eat healthier and decrease the amount of carbs (read: noodles, GASP) that I consume on a daily basis. Having just come home from a 12 day vacation, I’m sharing some of the tips and tricks that I used to keep my diet on track, even from the other side of the world.


Whenever we’re in Hawaii, we stay in a condo unit that has a kitchen. This not only helps us save money, it allows us to decide what goes into the food that we eat (at least for the most part). Obviously you can’t always stay somewhere with a kitchen, but when you can, make sure you are making at least two of your meals at home. Make your breakfast at home to cut down on unwanted butter and salt, make your lunch at home to cut down on portion size and calories, or make your dinner at home to be more budget-friendly. Better yet, eliminate one of your meals and have brunch or a late lunch in lieu of three total meals in a day. You may have calorie dense breakfast foods, but you can balance that out at dinner time. We tend to use a lot more health-friendly, nutrient-rich ingredients like Buddha Brands’ vegan and non-GMO coconut chips when cooking at home, so this is a good way to stay on track.


If you don’t have the option of cooking at home, be on the look out for healthy menu options when eating out. In the last few years, restaurants have added more and more wholesome and nutritious dishes that cut out unwanted calories and unhealthy ingredients. Opt for the “skinny” version, or ask for sauces and dressings on the side. That way you can control how much goes onto your food - because this is where a lot of sneaky calories like to hide out. Pick something grilled over fried, and reach for seasonings instead of condiments whenever you need to add some extra flavour!


When all else fails, only eat half of whatever you order. Don’t get me wrong, this still takes me a ton of will power and effort sometimes, but it’s a good tactic for home and for travel. I’ll order a pasta dish and only eat half, especially when I add protein like chicken or seafood to it. The same goes for a stir-fry or occasionally a burger, you get the idea. It usually ends up being just enough for me when I pace myself and allow my brain to recognize my stomach is full. Plus, most hotels have mini fridges in the room, so be sure to take the other half back with you for a snack or even lunch/dinner the next day.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, hydration is ALWAYS important, but especially on vacation. I tend to lose track of how much water I’m drinking when I’m touring around a new or exciting place. It’s especially important, however, to hydrate yourself when you’re away because an increase in your sodium and sugar intake is practically inevitable. To counteract that, carry around a little bottle of water in your handbag or backpack that you can refill intermittently throughout the day. Don’t let dehydration ruin a perfectly good vacation day!


Honestly, the best tip I can give is to make sure you balance out diet and exercise. Now, I am by no means suggesting that you run a marathon each time you go away. Still, making sure you move while you’re gone has so many benefits that there is really no downside to it. It helps you overcome jet lag, increases your energy for adventures, and puts you closer to a caloric deficit which is required to lose weight in the first place. Don’t let a vacation set you back from your fitness goals. Take a walk on the beach, scope out the hotel/resort gym facilities, or just head out and explore your surroundings. Whatever it takes to get you moving!

What are some ways you stay healthy while on vacation? I’ve been really trying to motivate myself to be better this year, even when I’m away. Share your tips with me in the comments.

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