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5 Ways to Make Moving Easier

5 Ways to Make Moving Easier

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As I'm sure you've noticed, I took a few weeks hiatus from writing my blog. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind adventure, and the dust is just starting to settle now. I started two new jobs (refer here for more details), and moved into a new (and solo) apartment, so some breathing room was desperately needed. Now that my stuff is all moved in, and I'm feeling more confident in my progress at work, I can finally get back to my regular routine. However, I did learn a lot while moving myself into my own apartment, which is why I want to share with you a few tips to hopefully make your future moves a little bit easier!


I have been meaning to go through my closet and donate or hand down anything that I either no longer wear or no longer fits me (no matter how much I'd like them to..). Moving apartments was a blessing in disguise because it gave me the opportunity to downsize a bit and get my closet organized. There is less storage space in this new place, so I had to get really savvy with what I kept, and how I chose to store my clothes. Use moving as a chance to shed the excess and look towards living a more minimalist lifestyle. Plus, it also gave me an excuse to buy new clothes that fit me better and make me feel happier in my own skin! 


Much to Adrian's protest, I made sure we labeled every single box that we packed up together. It made it much easier to know which boxes needed to go to which room and which needed to be handled with more care than others. Try using different coloured markers, or even colourful tape, to label and distinguish between boxes destined for different rooms of your space. Green could be for the kitchen, blue for the bathroom, pink for the bedroom, etc. You can even write a list of each box's contents so that you can easily find your favourite coffee mug for your first morning moved in! This tip works equally for bigger spaces such as a house or a 2-3 bedroom apartment as well. Choose different colours to label boxes containing different people's belongings. That way you save yourself from unpacking your roommates clothes instead of your own!


This one was extra important for me because I moved out and in on two different days! I was living out of my gym bag for 3 or 4 days at Adrian's new place because all of the rest of my clothes were stuck in the moving van. Planning my outfits in advance made moving much easier and way less stressful because I knew exactly what I was going to wear for each of the days. I even worked the day in between my moving days so the more organized I was, the better. This tip still applies, even if you're moving out and in on the same day. By planning ahead what clothes you'll wear and when, it's one less thing for you to worry about unpacking and finding space for later on. That way, you'll have enough clothes to wear until you're settled and ready to start doing laundry again! 


To add onto the last one, pack anything you know you'll need immediately in clear plastic bins for easy access. Think stuff like towels, bed sheets, toiletries, and hand soap (and maybe the clothes I mentioned above). By putting them in a clear bin, you can easily see what and where everything is inside. This can also include any appliances you know you'll want to use in your first few days in the new place. I almost immediately needed (and was lacking) a microwave and my coffee maker, so pack those necessities together for quick and easy access in your first week or so. 


The biggest thing I learned from this move is to be better prepared for the big day. Due to the fact that I work close to 55 hours every week now, I had very little time to pack before I moved. I have moved 4 times in the last 5 years, and the most successful moves have been the ones where I started early. Clear out your fridge a few days in advance, pack up the stuff you know you won't need first, and put stuff in boxes before the night before/day of (oops...). Some other little hacks that can help with faster move out/in are as follows:

  • Take photos of your tech set ups (which chords plug in where) so that you know exactly where to plug everything BACK IN when the time comes
  • Draw out how you plan to place stuff in the truck so you have a better idea of what will fit and where
  • And cut holes in the sides of your boxes to make them easier to carry on and off the truck!

Moving into an apartment by myself seemed scary at first, and I'm sure there will be nights that I wish I had someone else that shared the space with me, but I know that it will ultimately help me grow as a person. I can take solo bubble baths with wine and Sex and the City, I can sing (poorly) any song I want at the top of my lungs, and I can make the space truly my own. One major lesson I have learned recently, funny enough, is that every experience is an opportunity to learn something new. That may be something new about myself, something about my relationships with others, or even just what it means to be an adult. I'm excited to get all set up in my new place, and I hope you're all excited for some more updates later on down the line! 

Have you moved recently, or have you lived in the same place for a while? And tell me, were these tips helpful? I want to know what types of content you guys would like to see, so comment down below!

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