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Don't Miss THIS on Your Next Trip to Toronto

Don't Miss THIS on Your Next Trip to Toronto

I am fortunate enough to live in Toronto, a city full of options. We have so many choices when it comes to things to do, places to visit, and restaurants to eat at. One of my favourite things to do/places to visit/"restaurants" to eat at is the St. Lawrence Market. Now, a lot of cities have markets, outdoor and indoor, but they don't have something like THIS.

The St. Lawrence Market has been around since 1803, so when I say it's part of Toronto's history, I mean it. With upwards of 8-10 reincarnations/facelifts, it is clear that this landmark is here to stay, and that Toronto couldn't be Toronto without it. It's always been a place for people to connect, and obviously share great food. There is something for everyone to enjoy, which is one of the reasons I continue to come back (that, and now we live down the street from it). 

Other than it's history, in my opinion, the market has two special features: the groceries and the snacks. I separate them into two different categories because they are two very different things.




I have only recently started to appreciate the market for its groceries because we live so much closer to it now. Often, Adrian and I will find some fun recipe that we want to make with some pretty wild and wonderful ingredients. However, a lot of your typical Toronto grocery stores don't always sell everything your looking for. Enter: The St. Lawrence Market. Here you can find amazing produce from carrots and spinach, to fresh herbs and kumquats.

Need an exotic cut or type of meat? There are 10 different butchers and 4 different fish mongers selling fares along the lines of 11-25 lbs turkeys and camel or kangaroo sliders, to fresh tuna and live crabs and lobsters. If you ask, the people behind the counter will custom cut your meat/fish, and even offer you cooking tips! You will also find an assortment of cheeses from around the world, different types of rice and grains in a variety of colours, and an assortment of condiments like honeys and mustards.




The other special feature of this market is the snacks. You can come here to buy your groceries for the week.. OR you can come just for the day and eat like royalty. We have a few favourite places to stop whenever we're at the market. One of those stops has to be Future Bakery. Adrian's family loves the fresh baked caraway bread, but we often prefer the sweet stuff. After picking up a short bread cookie and a butter tart... or two..., be sure to check out Everyday Gourmet for your daily java fix or to grab one of their 50 different coffee roasts to take home.

A visit to St. Lawrence Market just wouldn't be the same without grabbing lunch at Buster's Sea Cove. Choose from their laundry list of options ranging from menu favourites like halibut and chips or steamed mussels, to soups, sandwiches, and freshly grilled fish. And let your last stop be at Placewares to pick up any kitchen or cooking items that you just can't find in your regular grocery store!

Have you been to St. Lawrence Market? What is your favourite vendor? Let me know which ones I missed and should check out in the comments!

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