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Skincare Spotlight: Caffeine

Skincare Spotlight: Caffeine

Sure, it’s pretty hard to get moving in the morning without your daily cup of coffee, but did you know that Caffeine is now being used in skincare products, as well? Start your day off on the right foot with a double-dose of this superhero ingredient. Let me break it down a little for you.

The benefits of Caffeine are well-known to us, the human race. We love it for the energy kick it provides, and for the culture that has been created around it. Obviously, it’s best to enjoy in moderation. Still, we also now love it for the benefits that come with adding it to our skincare routine. Here’s the sitch:


Caffeine has major anti-inflammatory properties, which is one of the reasons it’s frequently used in moisturizers and eye creams. It’s often used to reduce the symptoms of inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea and sometimes acne, helping to calm swelling and redness. Caffeine is also a vasoconstrictor, i.e. it has the power to constrict your blood vessels. This is great because it can reduce the appearance of puffiness and irritation.


Just like Vitamin C, in tandem with your daily SPF, Caffeine fights free radicals to ward off the negative effects of UV rays. As a powerful antioxidant, it also helps to reduce the signs of aging that come along with sun damage. It’s properties boost the effects of other antioxidants, which is why it’s often paired with ingredients such as green or white tea, Ginseng, and citrus fruits.


One of the main benefits that Caffeine boasts is it’s circulation boosting abilities. That makes it perfect for the treatment and prevention of dark circles and discolouration. Similar to Vitamin C, Caffeine works to brighten and boost your skin’s overall radiance. Coffee as a source of caffeine provides a major dose of Vitamin B3 or Niacin, which increases keratin and collagen production to improve the surface structure of your skin.


  1. Ultimately, there isn’t enough research into Caffeine in skincare to be 100% reliable. However, there is enough short-term evidence to show the temporary effects of this powerhouse ingredient. Use it daily and you’re more likely to see cumulative long-term results.

  2. As with any skincare product, but especially eye creams like my favourite one from Origins, if you toss the product into the fridge, it adds an extra boost of that calming and cooling sensation. Trust me, you do this once and you won’t look back.

  3. Prioritize using this hero ingredient during your morning routine, rather than at night. I say this for two reasons: A) because truthfully you need that radiance boost in the morning more than at night, and B) Caffeine can tend to be dehydrating when used in larger quantities, and your skin is more susceptible to this dehydration while you’re sleeping. Just as you don’t down doses of Caffeine in the evening, don’t subject your skin to this before bed.

Do any of your holy grail skincare products contain Caffeine? I’m hoping to incorporate it into my routine a bit more, so as per usual, your recommendations are always welcome! And let me know what other skincare ingredients you’re curious about. I’m hoping to make this an on-going series, so fill me in on what else I should highlight.

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