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What I Learned Once I Switched to Natural Deodorant

What I Learned Once I Switched to Natural Deodorant

The longer I pursue a life as a blogger, the more I learn and research what goes into the products I use every day. From what I eat, to the supplements I’m taking, and even basic things I use daily like deodorant. The more I research to find the best products for my lifestyle, the more I learn how chemical-ridden our society has become (dun, dun, duuunnn). Everything contains hormones or synthetics, and sometimes ingredients that can become pathogenetic over time. But if I’ve learned anything from coming to Hawaii for the last few years, it’s that the products I use on the reg don’t need to contain these harmful ingredients. The deodorant that I use to keep me smelling fresh is one of those products. Switching to a natural one like Kopari’s Coconut Deodorant was the clear next step, so today I’m sharing my experience and what I’ve learned from the switch.


Deodorant is different than antiperspirant, and you’re most likely using the latter. Most antiperspirants contain deodorizing ingredients, but the purpose of an antiperspirant is just that: to prevent perspiration. Your body has sweat glands all over, a few of which are in your armpits. On top of the sweat glands, your skin is covered in bacteria (not always bad bacteria, but a true fact none-the-less). When you sweat, it mixes with the bacteria on your skin to create body odour, and that’s why we usually smell more at the gym. By using an antiperspirant, you are blocking your body’s sweat glands from producing as much sweat, if any at all. This naturally helps with wetness (and of course the scent), but just like the skin on your face, applying these products means you are clogging your pores.


If it’s not clear already, let me break it down. As I mentioned, so many products in your daily routine are full of chemicals; deodorant/antiperspirant being one of them. Typically, the main ingredient in antiperspirants that stops sweat in its tracks is aluminium. Applying aluminium onto your armpits to prevent wetness is great and all (because who likes pit stains?), but think about how much of this metal gets built up under your skin over time. That is one of the reasons people tend to smell worse immediately after switching to something more natural - your body is detoxing all of the gunk that has accumulated. Sweat is one of the body’s natural ways of ridding itself of toxins and regulating body temperature. So, with antiperspirants, you’re blocking the sweat glands from doing their given job. This is obviously no bueno.


Ultimately, yes. Immediately, no. The detox period that happens right after you make the switch has most people freaked out about the natural guys. “I still stink and it’s been 3 weeks.” “This hasn’t done anything to combat B.O.” This may be the case right off the bat, but it actually takes your body a full 30 day cycle to get rid of all the bad stuff and normalize regular bodily functions. Ever heard of Whole30? It’s the same concept. You gotta wait it out for the product to work it’s magic. Even for me. I’m not an overly smelly or sweaty person, but when I stopped using antiperspirant I did smell myself after a few days.. Don’t get me wrong, I totally panicked. As someone who is known for smelling supremely good, I was now experiencing the opposite. However, being the professional researcher that I am, I found a bunch of tips to make the process of going natural less.. well.. smelly.


  1. Carry a package of antibacterial wipes in your bag to refresh throughout the day. We all know how busy life can get, and you can’t always stop to shower whenever you start to stink.

  2. Stay hydrated. This one is obvious, but drinking more water will help your body flush out toxins way faster, and not just through your pits.

  3. Exfoliate daily to help remove any excess odour-causing bacteria and stimulate your lymphatic system. Just be sure to use something gentle as to not rough up your delicate detoxifying skin.

  4. Trial and error, because we all know I’m all for trying everything until you find what works. There are many forms of natural deo: sprays, creams, sticks, powders. Once you’ve detoxed, you can go crazy testing out different options.

  5. And as with everything on the blog, be patient and accept the process. It may take a minute for your body to normalize, but don’t give up. Think about the good you’re doing for your body’s over all health whenever you start to get frustrated, and when in doubt - perfume/cologne is your best friend.

Have you made the switch to a natural deodorant? And if not, did I scare you into switching (oops)? Tell me about your experience in the comments, and if you have any tricks on managing B.O., let me know!

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