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Full Coverage to Barely There with @lovenicolerae [Canadian Creative Collab Month]

Full Coverage to Barely There with @lovenicolerae [Canadian Creative Collab Month]

Today marks one year since I posted my very first blog post, which is why it is fitting that a year later, I am sharing the stories of other bloggers who have been the utmost supportive of me along this crazy journey of mine! To continue on with #canadiancreativecollab month, today we're talking beauty! While it's been quite some time since I've worn a full face of makeup, sometimes getting into full glam can make you feel your most confident. Whether you're into the full coverage look, or go for more of a barely there approach, Nicole Rae has some major tips for looking and feeling your best. Read on for her perspective, and find out which products she's currently reaching for when she gets ready. 

For years I kept buying the latest and greatest of products that promised a flawless and full-coverage finish. I won’t lie, I still gravitate towards a high coverage makeup look every now and then, but it’s rare. Shortly before we entered into 2018, I went through a month of stress and exhaustion. It resulted in me only wearing makeup a few times over the entire month of December. If I took anything from that experience, it was how to appreciate my own skin, and learning to let it breathe. I could leave the house without makeup and feel okay with myself. There’s no need for a full face of makeup to get groceries. I still have my go-to products for the more glammed up days, but here are some of the products I’ve been loving when it comes to a natural makeup look that gets me out the door quickly.

I have definitely brought a lot more "clean and green" beauty products into my routine this year, and one of my current favourite base products is the Face Glow by Graydon. This product is a tinted primer and illuminator. It has the lightest tint in it, which helps to even out my skin tone and gives it a brightening effect. It even has a bit of sun protection in it - so there’s a big plus there! I love when skin care and makeup meet in the middle. I also get into the creative mixing stage sometimes, and even add in a bit of my Vita Liberata Beauty Blur to help blur imperfections. I find that the tinted primer and beauty blur products work really well together.


Another product that I love to mix in sometimes is a Dr. Jart+ BB Cream (Premium or Black Detox). I have both products, and find them extremely similar. They've got more coverage than the tinted primer, but the BB Cream has its own added skin care benefits in it as well! I’m also drifting back and forth between the tarte Shape Tape and the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer at the moment. I like to add a couple dots under my eyes to look well rested, but I never go too crazy with concealer. I generally put the most effort into getting a more even skin tone, that’s my main goal.


Once my base is done, I will usually set it with a loose or pressed powder, whichever is closer to be honest. I select random bronzers, highlights, and blushes every single time, but never go too overboard with any of those either. If I have time, I’ll brush a quick wash of colour onto my eye lids. Lately, the palette that I keep going back to for a finishing touch is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. I’ll swish my powder brush across the three shades, and brush it lightly around my face for an added radiant finish.


I’ve noticed a lot of YouTubers also favouring the lighter coverage and more radiant look, rather than matte everything these days. Not everyone has jumped on the bandwagon quite yet, but everyone is entitled to do their makeup however they wish. At the end of the day, if I leave you with any tip, it’s to carry a lip balm with you. I’ve traded in my liquid lipsticks for a handful of lip balms, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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