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Planned and Put Together with @hungryandwelldressed [Canadian Creative Collab Month]

Planned and Put Together with @hungryandwelldressed [Canadian Creative Collab Month]

In today's final instalment of #canadiancreativecollab month, you'll hear from Steph Mumford of @hungryandwelldressed. Not only is Steph completely fabulous and always put together (duh.. the title of this post), but over the last month or so, her and I have become undeniably close friends. It's amazing how quickly people can bond over shared values, which was one of the goals of Canadian Creative Collab month. I hope that you've learned something valuable from these four fun and fantastic women, and that you too now share in the value of collaborating and empowering those who share your space! And now, onto Steph's trendy fashion tips.

I was always asked during my time in university how I always managed to look “put together’, even at late night meetings or morning classes. It was really down to the fact that I had a few tricks up my sleeve that I used and now I’m going to share them with you!


The Foundation of Looking Put Together:

Let’s talk basics, first you need to think about the colour palette that you want to work with. I like to work within three different groupings (there are obviously many more): neutrals, darks, and muted/pastels. These are my three choices because it’s what I’m comfortable in, they are what I think flatters my skin tone, makeup preferences, nail polish preferences, accessories and shoe selection. I take EVERYTHING into consideration because looking put together encompasses everything from your makeup, to nail polish, to clothing.  

Another basic you absolutely need to consider is to keep your undertones the same. No matter what colour palette you are wearing, if you are wearing a black that has faded to a green/grey tone with a true black, it will look off. Matching undertones will make the difference between having a cohesive colour scheme versus colours that look off next to each other.

The final basic is your undergarments, a really really really simple trick to looking put together is to have the right undergarments. The general rule of thumb for deciding what to wear is to make sure that the undergarment isn’t visible OR show through. Visible bra straps, panty lines, revealed bra bands etc. are easily avoided.

How to Style a Put Together Outfit Every. Single. Time.:

Once you have your basics sorted, it’s time to put your look together.You first need to decide what event you are dressing for. Dressing to suit the occasion is one way to ensure that you look put together, being over or under dressed will effect how put together you appear.  

So. If you didn’t think colour wasn’t super important by my having mentioned it twice already… It’s super important. It’s almost more important than the cut and fit of your clothes…almost. Within your colour palette you want to plan each outfit on one of three schemes: harmonious, monochromatic, or contrasting. A harmonious colour scheme is when you would wear complimentary colours, monochromatic is all one colour and contrasting would be wearing opposite colours. Within each scheme remember to keep your undertones the same!!!

Your colour scheme is tied to the event that you are going to, when choosing the colours you are going to build your outfit off of, keep in mind how appropriate the colours will be. For everyday, you can wear whatever you would like colour wise. If you are going to a specific event with a dress code or required colour palette then you should abide by that.

Once you’ve chosen colour and know what occasion you are dressing for it’s time to choose your clothing pieces! When you are in the process of picking your clothes, keep in mind how the pieces are going to work together, and the textures! When picking your clothing, it is always best to choose classic pieces with a simple shape/cut.


Outfit Examples:

Office Chic: Monochromatic:

Office Chic: Contrasting  

Office Chic: Harmonious

Trendy: Monochromatic

Trendy: Contrasting 

Tips For Always Looking Put Together:

Tip 1 - Have one go-to makeup look that accentuates you favourite feature. I’d recommend keeping it simple, keep your eyeshadow to neutral tones, and match the undertones of the colours you use to the undertones of your clothing.

Tip 2 – Look for evergreen pieces. Those classic shapes that can stay in your wardrobe for years.

Tip 3 – You can never go wrong with black, it’s chic, clean and versatile

Tip 4 – Keep your hardware (jewelry, belt buckles, bag chains etc.) all one metal

Tip 5 – Neutral nail polish goes with everything

Tip 6 – Pick your outfit out the night before!!!!

xoxo Steph


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