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Gifts For Your Guys: A #ZoesFirstChristmas Gift Guide

Gifts For Your Guys: A #ZoesFirstChristmas Gift Guide

So, now that we've got ourselves a tree, it's time to start putting gifts under it! And good timing too because Thursday was Thanksgiving in the US, which means sales sales sales!!! In case you missed Black Friday yesterday, have no fear. I have rounded up some of my fave SALE items that are perfect to give to all the men in your life. And I have an awesome coupon code for you guys so be sure to read until the end!




This bar set is the affordable answer to all of his bartending questions. It includes a jigger (to measure spirits), tongs, mixing spoons, a strainer, and a bottle opener. It's a great as a starter kit or even for the more experienced mixologist. We also included a matching (#aesthetic) cocktail shaker and an ice bucket, because you can't have a fancy cocktail without ice. Be sure to get them to make you a cocktail with such bar set so that they can test it out and you can benefit from your kind gift purchase as well. And all for under $200!




We all know a guy who loves to pretend he's a musician or music producer, and blast his music out of his headphones/phone speakers (in my case it's my boyfriend..). At least these speakers will increase the sound quality of that loud music that you're being forced to listen to. And they're on sale! I actually do appreciate the four-piece nature of these guys because the surround sound is great for all of your Netflix and Chill dates. Just don't forget to highjack the bluetooth connection with some Backstreet Boys or One Direction every now and then ladies.




I don't know about you, but I have a few men in my life who hold this title. They just seem to have it all already. But in my opinion, you can never go wrong with a neutral scented candle. This one is great because the smell is warm and woody for you to cozy up to on a cold winter night. It boasts a 26 hour burn time, so you can light it up and binge watch holiday movies all day. And you gotta love the nice packaging too. 




Most men appreciate the luxury that is a good piece of meat. If you have a major carnivore in your life, you'll know this is true. All he can talk about is the killer steak he had the other day. Which is why this subscription service is just the right gift for him. Adrian and I stumbled upon truLOCAL at The National Women's Show a few weeks ago and fell in love (he is a barbecue connoisseur after all..). After speaking to founders Greg and Marc about the service, they sold us on the clean, locally sourced meat delivery service. Their quality, hormone and antibiotic free meats are delivered individually packaged over dry ice so they stay frozen until you get home from work!

BONUS: truLOCAL is also having a Thanksgiving sale! Use the code BLACKFRIDAY310 to get 10% off your first 3 months. This code is good until the end of the weekend so be sure to take advantage of this awesome #mealprep opportunity!

What else are you getting the men in your life for the holidays? I still need some other ideas so let me know in the comments!

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