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My #FirstChristmas Wish List for 2017

My #FirstChristmas Wish List for 2017

Last week we talked about some gift ideas for all of the tough-to-buy-for guys in your life. However, the holidays aren't just about the men so don't think I forgot about you ladies. 

Winter is a funny time for me because there are so many things to celebrate. Like everyone else, it's the holiday season so I have to let my friends and family know what is on my holiday wish list. But my birthday is also in the winter (December 16th), so I need to come up with even MORE gift ideas for myself. And to top it all off, my two year anniversary with Adrian is coming up in the first week of January, just another occasion to have to think of things I have wanted/needed over the last few months. That is why I have put together a wish list for this holiday season. It may be used by my loved ones to help them shop for all of the up coming celebrations (unlikely because I have expensive taste and usually only buy these things for myself), or for any of you lovely ladies that also need an answer to that age old question, "so, what do you want for the holidays this year?"


This fab find from Aritzia is honestly #1 on my list for a reason. I absolutely hate being cold, and living in Canada (duh, "The Canadian Creative") means that winter is not so much fun for me. With this luxe and comfy wool coat, however, I can stay freakishly warm while still looking freakishly cute. In my humble opinion, even though this guy is on the pricier side, fashion is an investment. You buy high quality (usually slightly more expensive) products so that they will last you a longer period of time. This is something I have learned over the last few months while attempting to furnish our new apartment. Spend a bit more so you can use them a bit longer. Pair this coat with some light wash jeans and a white long sleeve, and you've got yourself an outfit fit for a Winter Wonderland adventure!



As a wise (wo)man once said, "Big sunglasses hide all sins". Well, equip yourself with these stunning Céline sunglasses and no one will know you finished an entire bottle of rosé by yourself last night. You've probably seen my RayBan aviator sunglasses in some of my previous posts, but I've had those for a while now and I think it's about time I add to my arsenal. Not only do these beauties fit that higher quality usually = higher price thing I just discussed, but they're big enough to cover most of my face and shield me from the sun's harsh rays (and all the haters).



I'm, like, 99% sure that I have had the same black belt in my closet for the last seven or eight years of my life. That mangled piece of junk has GOT to go. And if you ask pretty much anyone in my life, they'd tell you that I am on a huge Gucci kick right now. This belt is one of two pieces I have not shut up about for months now (the other being these classic slides), so clearly that means it needs to be part of my wardrobe, right? I'm sure by now you're starting to see this high quality, high price trend here, but I honestly think that graduating university and getting my first full-time job has signified a major shift in my priorities.



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Now, when Vogue tells you to read a book, you read the s**t out of that book. So naturally, after stumbling upon this list, I chose a few of my favourites that also matched the #aesthetic of our apartment. Audrey Hepburn has been, and always will be, my idol. She was a humanitarian, a wonderful mother/home-cook, and a fashion icon whom I have based most of my personal style upon. And these books, Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon, along with Dior by Avedon, and Valentino Mirabilia Romae will soon make their way to their rightful place - my coffee table.

What are you lusting after this holiday season? Anything I should add to my list? Let me know in the comments!

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