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How I Find Inspiration When There is None to be Found

How I Find Inspiration When There is None to be Found

The last few weeks have been PACKED with exciting collaborations and opportunities, and my calendar has never been more full. I'm talking brand partnerships, Toronto Fashion Week (TFW) runway shows, and some pretty fabulous Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) parties. With so much going on, it is hard not to feel burnt out, run down, or uninspired. I write my own blog posts, plus content for View the Vibe, so I am constantly looking for ways to spark my creativity - even when I feel my least creative. That is why I am sharing with you a few ways that I am able to find inspiration, even when there is NONE to be found..


One of my most frequently used tactics to get inspired is looking at other blogs. I find that the best way for me to come up with content ideas is to see what other bloggers are writing about. The Skinny Confidential just posted "JUST SOME LIFE-CHANGING WAYS TO GET READY FASTER"? Maybe I can take a different angle and share my top tips for streamlining your morning beauty routine. Or Olivia Rink just posted her favourite bags for fall 2018? Maybe I can do a Fall 2018 accessories round-up. Obviously the goal is to be original, while taking cues from other content creators that you follow. They may not always give me blog post ideas, but sometimes I'm inspired by their photos, and it'll give me an idea for a feature image or Instagram post! 


Pinterest is one of my favourite platforms for finding inspiration (duh, that's literally their business model!). I have boards (and some secret boards..) for everything under the sun: Blogging and social media tips, fall/winter outfit ideas, recipes I'd love to put my own twist on - you name it, I've got a board for it. I love scrolling through my feed and pinning things that inspire me to create. It makes the process so easy and painless. Whenever I'm deciding what to wear in the morning, or hunting for content ideas, Pinterest has my back. I just go to the related board, and sort through the pins until I find something that works for me.


It's pretty obvious that the city of Toronto, among others, truly brings me inspiration. I love discovering new restaurants, local clothing stores, innovative beauty brands, and anything that is being talked about around the city. Sometimes the best blog post comes from discovering a killer menu, stumbling upon amazing decor and interior aesthetics, or being introduced to a product or service that is truly a cut above the rest. I know how much people appreciate and look to influencers for things like fun date ideas, trendy outfit inspiration, and new things to add to their beauty/lifestyle regime, so this is a great way for me to bring you the most relevant and interesting content possible!


When I'm REALLY struggling to come up with content ideas, I find a perfect thing to do is to stop thinking about it. I know it sounds counterproductive, but it really works. You know when you just cannot seem to remember the name of that actor from that one movie, or the name of that one song that's been stuck in your head for days? Well, I find that as soon as I stop thinking about it, the answer just comes to me. The same goes for writing my blog; whenever I'm stumped or have major writers block, I do something else and eventually the idea pops into my head. Give it a try, and see if it works for you!

What are some tactics you use to help you find inspiration? Give me your tips and tricks in the comments (Lord knows I need them..). And don't forget to check out my Toronto Fashion Week recap on View the Vibe, and keep an eye out for my TIFF recap coming at the end of this week!

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