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How to be Happier

How to be Happier

Ok, important note here: NO ONE is perfect. In this age of social media it is virtually impossible not to compare yourself to other people. But for this one blog post, let’s pretend like we all can because, honestly, that’s Step 1 when it comes to being happier.

THAT ASIDE, I had a conversation this week that really got me thinking. What makes someone a happy person? What makes someone an unhappy person? How do unhappy people get happy? Don’t get me wrong, there’s obviously a lot more to this than just "getting happy”. However, no matter your circumstance, no matter your health or what stage you’re at in your life, you can always strive for greatness. Yes, it takes a lot of hard work and self-motivating to get there, but no one should be a victim to circumstance.

Becoming more (read: not completely) self-aware in the last year or so has really put life into perspective for me. I’ve listened to tons of podcasts and read tons of books on how to better myself as a person and how to aspire to do more with my life. Still, none of those inspirational speakers or industry professionals can get to the root of what makes ME happy. They can share tips and tricks, things that they themselves do to be happier and more productive, but when it comes down to it everyone is different (duh).

So with that in mind, and a grain of salt, here are some of the things that I do in order to be happier:

  1. Greet people with a smile and a positive salutation - i.e. How are you?, It's so nice outside, etc.

  2. Begin the day prioritizing yourself - i.e. don’t reach for your phone because you’re starting the day by serving someone else first

  3. Do one thing for yourself daily - i.e. get your fave food for lunch, take yourself out for coffee, have a bath, etc.

  4. Write down what your grateful for - i.e. a family, my health, being able to wake up in the morning

  5. Remind yourself that you can’t have rainbows without rain - we have to share the good days remember? Not every day will be bad

  6. Surround yourself with positivity - i.e. positive people, positive quotes, positive vibes, etc.

  7. Give selflessly sometimes - buy your coworker a coffee, hold the door for someone, get your S/O a card “just because”

  8. Spend more time laughing - listen to some comedy, watch a funny show or movie, share a laugh with your friends etc.

  9. Go for a walk and leave your phone behind - look around and appreciate your surroundings

  10. Go to sleep at 10pm - this isn’t a joke, your body produces major happy hormones between 10pm and 2am

  11. Be happy for someone else - celebrate other people’s success, build each other up

  12. Make your bed - it may sound minor, but this one has been HUGE for me

  13. And on top of that, clean your home - I find cleaning very therapeutic, a clean home is a clean mind

  14. Or clean yourself - take a shower or bath, brush your teeth, wash your face, anything to feel refreshed

  15. Be excited for tomorrow - today may not be a good day, but there’s always tomorrow

What do you guys do to be happier? Do you have a morning/evening ritual that you swear by? Let me know in the comments!

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