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How I Spent My #FirstChristmas at the Toronto Christmas Market

How I Spent My #FirstChristmas at the Toronto Christmas Market

I have to admit, this was NOT the first time I had gone to the Toronto Christmas Market (I go every year for my birthday, including this year). As someone who has never truly celebrated Christmas, this was my way of getting in on a little bit of that holiday cheer. The Distillery District is already a pretty magical place, but throw in some twinkle lights, a few rustic wooden stalls, and some fab artisan vendors, and you've got yourself a destination people will go even more crazy over. It's so Instagramable, especially with a light dusting of winter snow (and a great place to take a date! Major romance vibes people).


The best time to go is during the week because on the weekends they charge an entrance fee. However, it's still super affordable for those who are like me and work a 9-5 job so are forced to go on the weekend. Admission is $6.00 starting at 5pm on Fridays, but if you're bringing the kiddies (2 and under) they are free. Just be aware that if you do go on the weekend (which you will be if you go this year, only two days left!), there tends to be a line. Totally worth the wait though!

They always have awesome vendors at the Christmas market, I'm never disappointed. They've got your typical Christmas baubles and trinkets, great gifts for the whole family like gorgeous home decor and cozy winter accessories, and tons (and I mean TONS) of tasty treats for you to try. We're obsessed with these shortbread cookies from Eat My Shortbread, we even ate one while waiting in line for a table at El Catrin. These guys are awesome because they donate to local charities, use recyclable packaging, and they make killer cookies! You can't go wrong.


The Christmas market wouldn't be complete, however, without it's 50-foot tree. This thing is massive, I honestly don't know how they manage to light it up all the way to the very top. You really just have to see it to understand what a spectacle it is. Still, in my opinion, what really makes the tree and the whole experience special is the atmosphere that already exists at The Distillery District. It feels like you're stepping into a Christmas movie: a quiet town with cobblestone roads and red brick buildings, fire lit lamp posts and all. An experience so magical, it has me coming back year after year without getting tired of it. 


I guess you could say that going to the Christmas market every year is my own little Christmas tradition. And while I haven't celebrated the holiday up until this point, living with Adrian and preparing to spend Christmas with his family has been a new and exciting experience. Don't forget, that is what this time of year is all about: spending time with those who matter the most! 

How are you spending Christmas this year? You will likely find me in a food coma (thanks to all of the cabbage rolls that Adrian's mom has made) or taking a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating!


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