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Lessons of a 20-Something Blogger

Lessons of a 20-Something Blogger

The older I get, the more I’ve learned to appreciate the little things. Eating chocolate cheesecake for breakfast, having a bubble bath while watching my fave show, and spending some much needed time with the most valuable person in my life: me. I’m the least selfish person I know, which can be a blessing and a curse. That is why my mantra for 2018 has been to prioritize happiness as you all know. I have to admit, that concept has gotten away from me the longer the year went on, but today on my birthday, I have a new mantra for the upcoming year:

Only do things that your heart is in 110%

I’ve grown and learned a lot since my birthday last year, and I know that the person I was in 2018 would look at my current self with admiration. I've gained more strength, confidence, and self-reliability over the last year than I could’ve ever imagined, and have no one but myself to thank for that. So, today I’m celebrating me by sharing with you some of the lessons I’ve learned thus far and how they’ve shaped who I am today.

Being 20-something is HARD

This is the time in life where we do an exceptional amount of growth and changing. No one expects you to be 100% authentically you, because you don’t even know yet what a truly authentic you looks like. Managing careers, relationships, and your self-worth all at once is no easy feat, and I’ve learned recently that it’s ok not to have your entire life figured out! I am a planner and forward-thinker, so it has been a struggle for me to hold myself back and accept that not having every variable under control doesn’t mean my life thus far is inadequate. Being 20-something is HARD guys, but it won’t be forever!

You do you

You’ve got to take care of yourself, because in the end, no one but you will. That’s a hard realization to come to, but it’s true. I’m the only one who can allow myself to have a glass of wine and a nice bubble bath. I’m the only one who can allow myself to spend all my money on expensive (yet effective) skincare. And I’m the only one who can allow myself to feel good while choosing to consume my weight in pizza. Obviously there are people in your life who can enable these things to occur, but at the end of the day, the decision is yours to make. Work out to FEEL better, not just look it. Eat healthy, nutrient-rich foods to FUEL your body, not just suppress hunger. But you get the idea.

Put your heart in it, or don’t do it at all

Life is too short to half-ass anything. Like I said before, my mantra for 2019 is to only do things that my heart is in 110%, because otherwise what’s the point? I can continue to live a mediocre life fueled by money and temporary satisfaction, or I can live my life to the fullest and do things that make me excited to wake up in the morning. Not every day will be exciting, but at least I’ll be excited to get stuff done.

I was at an event the other night and I met these two lovely ladies. We got to talking about my blog, and one of them said something that really resonated with me. She said that she felt that I was speaking to the majority, not the minority, and I completely agree. Most people struggle with mental health in some form or another. Most people prefer a slice of pizza over a salad. And most people take comfort in knowing that not everyone is perfect, and that we’re all just human beings at the end of the day. Don’t forget that it’s ok to be not ok, and every experience is a chance to learn more about yourself!

What are some lessons you’ve learned over the last year? Take some time to reflect on yourself and your life thus far, and let me know in the comments. And shout out to Bonne Maman Canada for the gorgeous holiday-scape in today’s feature image!

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