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This or That: Holiday Drinks 2 Ways

This or That: Holiday Drinks 2 Ways

Can you believe Christmas is just a few days away?? Honestly, where did 2018 go? Who knows? I sure don’t. But what I do know is that 2018 has been quite the whirlwind adventure. I haven’t felt this ‘adult’ in a long time and I anticipate much more ‘adulting’ in 2019. As an adult, I often like to partake in some fun and festive holiday drinks to get me into the holiday spirit. Sometimes, I’ll indulge and get ‘The Good Stuff’, other times I just want something cheap and cheerful to warm me up on a cold winter night. Check out some of my fave holiday drinks that consider both your budget and your expensive taste.


This - Apple Cider

Apple cider is SO easy to prepare and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. You can get cider at pretty much any grocery store this time of year, making it an easy go to for when you’re in need of some cold weather comfort. Enjoy it hot or cold, by yourself or with your loved ones. Just chill it in the fridge, or heat it up in a pan, throw in a cinnamon stick, and you’ve got instant cozy in a mug.

That - Mocktails

Mocktails are a nice way to dress up a non-alcoholic drink. They usually entail more ingredients, and tend to take more effort to put together. Combine your favourite fresh fruit, some soda water or sparkling fruit juice, some herbs, and tons of other luxurious ingredients. Read: extravagant options, sans-Christmas morning hangover. Feel fancy while enjoying this indulgent, vice-less drink.


This - Pre-Mixed Classics

Pre-mixed drinks are a perfect way to seem like you put a ton of effort into your fave cocktail, but really just poured it into a chilled glass! JP Wiser’s has a great option for a pre-mixed Old Fashioned for all you whiskey lovers out there, but these pre-mixed classics come in a variety of different spirits. Try out a pre-mixed moscow mule for that festive ginger-flavoured feeling, or a pre-mixed margarita to bring you back to the warm days of summer.

That - Mulled Wine

A much more indulgent option, mulled wine also takes a bit more effort to prepare (as per the mocktails). Use your favourite fragrant, flavourful wine, and combine it with oranges, cinnamon, cloves, and a variety of other winterlicious flavours for a drink fit for the big man in red himself. We had a truly tasty option at the Toronto Christmas market this year and it made the moment that much more special. Make a big pot of mulled wine and enjoy it under the blankets next to the fire (if you have one).


This - Sparkling Wine

Not everyone can afford an expensive bottle of authentic champagne (namely me). However, there are tons of more affordable options that you can still pop open among friends and family. Try a sparkling wine like Freixenet that is not only less expensive, it’s more tasty and enjoyable than some champagnes tend to be (in my opinion). You don’t need to shell out too much to feel extravagant!

That - The Good Stuff

Still, some people appreciate the finer things in life such as fine wines and spirits. If this is you, check out Veuve Clicquot for a premium champagne dating back to the 1700’s! Enjoy your bubbly before Christmas dinner, or under the light of the New Year moon. However you choose to celebrate the holidays, do it in style, and do it for the insta obviously.. this stuff is gorgeous!

What are some of your fave holiday drinks? Do you prefer to save on spirits or celebrate with a bottle of bubbly? I can’t decide, so maybe I’ll just do both! Share with me in the comments.

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