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Hi, I'm Zoe.

Welcome to my blog, The Canadian Creative! Here, I share all the fun things I am eating, doing, and wearing.

Thanks for partaking in my little slice of the world with me ❤

Things That Start with "P"

Things That Start with "P"

Popsicles, pasta, potatoes, parks...

"We get it Zoe, you like food." 

I promise next week my post will be about something other than what I'm eating, but summer just comes with so much good food. I can't help myself!

This week I went to the Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market. The manager of the store I work at (Alex) had gone the week before and looked like she had a great time, so naturally I had to check it out too. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived. To get to the market you have to walk north through the park to the corner of Dundas and Shaw, which was a nice change for me. There were about 15 to 20 individual stands set up, all selling their own unique wares. Seeing as I am the kind of person to never leave the house without researching the place I am going, I knew ahead of time that Bobbie Sue's was going to have a stand that week. Truly, that's the main reason I went (because we all know how much Zoe loves macaroni and cheese). 


This time around, they only had one type of mac to offer, but boy was I sure impressed. I typically get the "Classic Mac" whenever I go to Bobbie Sue's, and the sign said it was the classic mac, so I was content with my purchase. However, once I took a bite I realized that they had turned my "Classic Mac" into something much more gourmet. It was garlicky, peppery, and actually had ripe chunks of heirloom tomato mixed in. This was not the mac I have come to know and love, and I loved it nonetheless.


I had also seen some fabulous and fancy flavoured popsicles on the TB Farmers Market Twitter page. Among all the fresh produce and even fresher (hand-cut) blooms, these popsicles were a naturally sweet treat with just a little added sugar. There were so many fun flavours, it was hard to pick one... so I picked two. The pink one was raspberry lemonade and the red one was cherry lime bourbon. Who would have ever thought to put alcohol in a popsicle? (Well really a lot of people to be honest..). It was a refreshing take on a childhood favourite, with an adult twist.


Not pictured are the half pint of wild Ontario blueberries we got for $5, the 4 farmers sausages we got to make for dinner that night, the quart of red fingerling potatoes to go with them, and the 6 vegan cookies we devoured within seconds (oops). I absolutely adore farmers markets, and I was not let down by this one in the slightest.

If you intend on going to the TB Farmers Market to seek out all the fun things I found there, you're in luck because it is on until October. However, its only open on Tuesdays from 3pm-7pm so set aside some time in your busy work week to go (totally worth the trek). Once again, if you go to check it out, let me know what you think (and ate) in the comments!

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