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Why This Sonic Toothbrush Deserves a Spot on Your Bathroom Counter

Why This Sonic Toothbrush Deserves a Spot on Your Bathroom Counter

‘Why on earth are you writing about a toothbrush?’, is probably what you’re thinking as you read the blog post for today. But if you know me, you know that if a product is good enough for me to spend my own money on and then proceed to write about, it’s gotta be pretty great.

❝ That’s actually a nice toothbrush. Never thought I’d say that.

❝ Ouu, let me know how it is, I’m thinking of getting it for my boyfriend!

❝ Where did you get that?! Tell me if you like it.

These were the types of comments I received when I featured BURST Oral Care on my Instagram story a few days ago. So, I figured I would write a blog post about the products and give you all a better idea of my first impressions. This is no regular, everyday electronic toothbrush guys.

The concept simple, sonic does it better. Sure, your manual toothbrush is doing the job, but it does it pretty mediocrely at best. And we all know how majorly expensive the electronic alternative can get, which is why BURST is doing it better at a fraction of the price. Standing up to competitors like the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean - weighing in at $235CAD, BURST has created a sonic vibrating toothbrush that rivals these big-league hitters. For an upfront fee of $90CAD, and a subscription fee of $6, you can get this brush AND a replacement head every three months. So instead of heading to the pharmacy every few months (probably not as often as you should be going either), you can get a brand new brush head sent directly to your home for just $6. Subscription models are taking over the world, guys.

Not only is the business model genius, but the product holds up to the price. For such a reasonable amount, you’re getting something quality made with the consumer in mind. Offered in both black and white, think features such as charcoal coated bristles that vary in size for that extra deep white clean, 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute, and a quadpacer timer to remind you every 30 seconds when it’s time to switch to another quadrant of your mouth. The brush head also features an X shaped tooth polisher to give you that dentist clean feeling, every day.

The brush has three modes: whitening, sensitive and massage. My recommendation if you haven’t used an electronic toothbrush before is to start with the sensitive mode. It’s less aggressive (at only 31,000 vibrations per minute), but still gets into the far reaches of your mouth to remove plaque. The plus sign at the bottom tells you when your brush is fully charged. Pop it into the charging station, and when it’s done charging the red plus sign turns off. And how adorable is the little smiley face on the power button??

One thing most people hate about electronic toothbrushes is how big and bulky the charging stations can be sitting on your bathroom counter. BURST has designed theirs to fit into the palm of your hand, taking up way less space. The brush’s long-lasting lithium battery lasts up to 4 weeks after just one hour of charging, and uses a USB connection so you can plug it into your computer when you’re on the go, or the USB charging port that comes with the brush (just like the one you use for your iPhone).


BURST also offers Coconut Whitening Strips that uses the same concept as oil pulling to get deep into your teeth to remove stains, without the sensitivity. Containing 7 days worth of strips, BURST suggests that you use the entire package in one week for best results. They’re enamel safe, and offer up professional results without that icky chemical taste that you experience when you use other white strips. I’m only part way through the package, but be sure to stay tuned to my IG story for the results.

Hopefully this was a helpful overview of the product for all of you who were looking for more info! For another review, by a for real dentist/industry professional, check out Dr. Lisa’s video here, and grab her coupon code while you’re at it for 40% off!

Do you regularly use an electronic toothbrush? And if not, are you convinced that you need one in your life? Because I am.. I’LL NEVER GO BACK (ok, stop being dramatic Zoe..). Share with me your faves in the comments! Happy brushing friends.

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