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This or That: Low-End vs. High-End Skincare

This or That: Low-End vs. High-End Skincare

The season of dry skin and harsh winds is upon us everyone. Fall is on its last legs here in Canada, and it’s 🎶 starting to feel a lot like Christmas 🎶 Don’t get me wrong, I love the holiday season. It must have been fate for me to be born in December because I always look forward to the sparkles and glittery lights of wintertime. My not-so-favourite part of this time of year, however, is how cracked and rough my skin tends to get. So glad I live somewhere where the wind hurts my face (not..). I usually have to amp up my skincare routine in the colder months just to keep up. The new focus? Major moisture! It’s important to keep in mind, all year round really, that skincare doesn’t have to break the bank. Sure, it’s worth it to invest in your skin, but there are always effective products you can opt for at a much more affordable price.


This - Deciem

I’ve talked about these guys before, and I have nothing but good things to say. Within the nine different brands under one umbrella company, you will find yourself hyper-focused and extremely effective skincare products at a super affordable price. Everything is within a $10-$50 price range depending on the line of products you choose, but don’t let the price fool you. Deciem’s skincare really packs a punch. I’m talking luxury results at drugstore prices. Try out the Low-Molecular HA Booster from their Hylamide Line. It contains 5 different hyaluronic complexes to provide your skin with killer hydration for that model-off-duty glow.

That - Elizabeth Grant

We all know how much I love discovering new skincare brands that really deliver on their promise of clear, healthy-looking skin. I stumbled upon Elizabeth Grant at the Brill Holiday Preview, and was immediately intrigued by the products. The Canadian skincare company focuses on delivering anti-aging ingredients to help restore the skin’s essential moisture, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, and repair damage. Be sure to check out the Torricelumn™ Triple Effect Essence. It’s a new product I’ve been trying out for a little while now, and is technically more of an essence than a serum. I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in the darkness of my acne scars and I’ve only been using it for about a week!


This - The Face Shop

Face masks are a great way to provide your skin with an instant dose of moisture. Sheet masks like The Face Shop’s Pearl Essence Brightening Mask also help to brighten dull, wind-swept winter skin. When shopping for face masks, I tend to gravitate towards hydrogel because they stay on my face better, but these guys hold up pretty well! If you’re looking for a 10-20 minute fix that won’t burn a huge hole in your pocket the night of a big holiday party, sheet masks are the way to go.


I LOVE a good facial. Something about the spa atmosphere, and getting the treatment done by an aesthetician makes me feel like my money is well spent. However, there are days where I don’t have quite that much money, but still want spa results at home. Enter: GLAMGLOW. They have a face mask for pretty much every skin concern under the sun now. You want dewy, hydrated looking skin that defies the laws of winter? Opt for the THIRSTYMUD hydrating treatment mask. It calms and quenches tired and aggravated skin, which is something my city-girl face needs desperately.


This - Marcelle

Just like vitamins, I have tried and tested multiple daily moisturizers, and the Oil-Free Multi-Defense Lotion with SPF 15 from Marcelle just cannot be replaced. It’s been in rotation for probably 3 years now and I will tell you why. This MVP packs a major hydration punch without leaving my skin oily and weighed down (super important for a day-time lotion). Add this guy to your top shelf if you’re looking for something feather-light with anti-aging benefits, and vitamin A and antioxidants. While you’re at it, be sure to opt for a daily lotion that includes SPF, doubling up on sun protection never hurt anybody.

That - Tatcha

Just like facials, sometimes I like to spend the extra money for a product that goes the extra mile. Ultra-hydration is ALWAYS worth the investment. That is why the Tatcha Water Cream, a coveted classic, is a great staple to add to your routine. It works for both day-time and night-time, getting to work on the fine lines, pores, and wrinkles caused by harsh weather. This heavy-hitter also includes one of my fave skincare ingredients - Green Tea - which is known to detoxify the skin and prevent signs of premature aging! Grab the travel size as a sample to test it out on your skin, and lessen the blow to your bank account.

As I said last month, there are always two approaches to everything: affordable and extravagant. If you’re anything like me, preventative skincare is never not a priority. I am willing to spend more on products that I know will deliver on results, but not everyone is! Keep checking back each month for more This or That segments, where I give you both sides of every story.

Do you prefer to dish out the cash when it comes to skincare? Or are you more frugal with what products you put on your face? Let me know in the comments!

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