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Toronto Women's Fashion Week: An Accessories Round-up

Toronto Women's Fashion Week: An Accessories Round-up

"The Big Four" is what they call it - New York, London, Milan, and Paris - September is fashion month. And while it is no longer September, and the leaves are finally starting to change colours, so are the looks on the runway for #SS18. In case you didn't know, the fashion industry is always a season ahead, premiering spring/summer looks in fall and fall/winter looks in summer. It's like a time machine, allowing you to peer into the future and see what you're going to LOVE for the upcoming months (in the following year..). For someone like me who has now seen both sides of fashion week, volunteering behind the stage and observing from the seats, I know how much work goes into putting on these shows and how much that work pays off in the end. Fashion week is just so magical.

Now you're probably thinking, "but Zoe, why is Toronto Fashion Week in October?". I honestly have no idea. Maybe we're just rebels creating a style revolution, going against the grain and proving that we too can play with the big dogs. Or maybe that's just when they could find time for the bookings.. Who knows? What I do know is that this season, the looks are boho, edgy, and glam af. I was kindly invited to this season's Caroline Néron show on Tuesday (thanks Aaron), so here are some of my take-aways from the show (and the CABINET ÉPHÉMÈRE fashion environment boutique).


We weren't allowed to take professional cameras into the showroom so bear with my bad quality iPhone pics. Néron's show started off light and airy, full of toned and tanned models draped in white and grey, and dripping in jewels. The looks were very "my summer Greece trip circa 2014" with that music festival bohemian flare. Spring/summer is obviously all about shedding our winter layers and showing off some skin in the hot weather, but that doesn't mean we have to get rid of our accessories too. This show had golds, and coppers, plenty of warm hues to go around. 


Then the looks took on a new feel, dark and sultry with a focus on chromes and blacks. She brought out lace and mesh, leather and pearls. I was living for this all lace look with matching statement choker, quite a bold statement piece in contrast to the previous few looks. Néron really knows how to tell a story, to make you associate her work with your past experiences and consider how you could work the pieces into your own spring/summer wardrobe. Safe to say, it was hard for me to leave the show without purchasing at least 5 items from the collection.


After the show, we took a moment to check out the CABINET ÉPHÉMÈRE fashion environment boutique, where Canadian designers of all shapes and sizes showcased their pieces available for purchase. After checking out Antonio Ortega, Di Carlo Couture, and KQK, I fell in love with this gorgeous leather bag from Marie Saint Pierre. I guess it's time for me to go shopping, watch out bank account...

If you want to shop the look that I wore to the show, check out the photo and the links below. Did you go to any shows this season? Let me know what you thought and if you have any predictions for next years trends in the comments. 



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