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My Holiday Time Management Tips

My Holiday Time Management Tips

I am pretty sure that no one is immune to holiday season stress. Whether you work in retail, real estate, pr, even restaurant kitchens, this time of year is always hectic. You’re planning for your Caribbean getaway, your Christmas staycation at home, the increased traffic at your given place of work, there is A LOT to think about. This is especially true for my life in it’s current state. Working two jobs, plus writing for multiple publications requires expert level organization. An editorial meeting after work on Monday, working out before work on Tuesday, product preview after work on Wednesday, shooting for the blog on Thursday, and who knows what Friday even holds? On top of all of that, I have to get in some gift shopping AND plan something for my birthday! Does reading all of that give you a migraine? Me too..

Well, it doesn’t have to! Today, I am sharing some of the ways I have been managing my time over the last few weeks, and how I intend to plan ahead for the next few. Let’s fight the holiday season scaries together.


I got this chic pocket sized planner from Indigo and it has been a god-send. For some reason, when I write my plans down in an actual book (vs. on iCal in my phone), I am more likely to remember them. Maybe it’s the same concept behind hand writing your study notes for an exam, but I just find that when it’s written down on paper I MUST comply. I feel much more committed to my.. well.. commitments and know that everything that I’m supposed to attend for the week is all in one place. On-top of that, this little guy has the last few months of 2018 AS WELL AS 2019 inside, so I am set for the new year as well. Pencil in your gym time to keep yourself accountable, add in your work schedule to make sure you get there on time, and set dinner dates so that you force yourself out of the house! It’s really a win-win.


Just like when I moved, sometimes I like to organize and categorize things by colour. This helps me to know what plans go with which job or section of my life. Stuff for the blog could be in red, Indochino could be in blue, View the Vibe could be in green, whatever works best for you. With five different ‘jobs', it helps me to keep things of the same variety together and know how to best represent myself at different events! I know that once I’m done work for the day that I am headed straight to a restaurant preview for an entirely different brand/company. Sometimes I even have to change outfits, so colour categorizing things allows me to plan ahead and be prepared to do so.


It’s usually at this time of year that I spread myself way too thin. I’m working, plus planning what gifts I’m going to get for who, and celebrating a ton of birthdays in addition to my own. As cliche as it may seem, scheduling in and planning for personal down time is really important during the holiday season. This is when we are our most social, attending holiday parties and hosting dinners for the fam, so R&R is paramount! Pencil in a bubble bath at the end of the night to give yourself something to look forward to after a long day, or savour your morning coffee before beginning the long day that’s ahead of you. However you like to relax and rejuvenate, make yourself a priority too!

I would also like to note that today is Remembrance Day in Canada, a day where we cherish the memories of those who fought and lost their lives for our freedom. Please take a moment with me to remember the ones who have fallen 🌼

How are you managing your time during the holiday season? Any tips or tricks I missed that you think would be useful? Share them with me in the comments!

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