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This or That: 2 Ways to Stay Warm in Canadian Winter

This or That: 2 Ways to Stay Warm in Canadian Winter

Let’s start with some context. For those of you who DON’T live in Canada, it’s really cold here in the winter. When I say cold, I don’t mean a mild 5 or 6 degrees (Celsius), we’re talking -30 with the wind-chill…. Winter here is NO JOKE. Sure, being a blogger and young professional means I like to look put together and cute on the regular. However, I refuse to sacrifice staying warm for anything else. That doesn’t mean though, that you can’t still look cute while keeping all of your fingers and toes intact. I try constantly to find some winter outfit inspiration that is realistic for the weather I deal with on a regular basis, and nothing was even close to keeping me warm enough while being fashion-forward on the outside. So, today I’m sharing some of my fave ways to stay warm and stay cute while enduring the harsh Canadian winter.


This - Heavy Parkas

This is where you should spend your money, as parkas and coats are your outer-most layer and will ultimately shield you from the cold. When you think parka, you probably think Arctic expedition, and you know what, you should be that well prepared! You don’t, however, need to sacrifice style for warmth. Opt for a parka with fun tassels or bright colours like this one to show off your personal style. If you’re more like me and prefer a classic black, grab a down-to-your-toes version like this one that covers every possible inch of your body. You may look like a giant marshmallow, but at least you’ll be a cute marshmallow and warm af.

That - Lotsa Layers

If you prefer not to spend too much on a coat, opt for a layered look instead. The more layers, the warmer you’ll be, and you can always take something off if you get too hot (which I find very unlikely..⛄). Start with a tank or tight tee as your base, then throw on a button-up or long sleeve, a cable knit sweater, and even a fleecy teddy coat like this one for good measure. Honestly, anything from Uniqlo’s HEATTECH line is perfect for layering and will help you stay toasty warm this winter.


This - Wooly Lined

If you’re not going to spend your money on the coat, spend your money on the boots. Something lined like these boots from UGG have gotten me through the winter thus far. 2019 has been relatively forgiving, but winter is back now and with a vengeance! Keep your toes toasty with the extra level of warmth that a lined boot will provide you with. These can be rolled up to look more like a combat boot, or down to show off the fuzzy fur inside. However you style them, don’t forget to pair them with fun socks peeking out the top.

That - All Weather-Wear

Keep in mind that you can turn other footwear into winter footwear as well. Rain boots, for example, can be paired with a set of super thick wooly socks to keep your toes warm while also keeping them dry. Pick a bold colour to make more of a statement like these guys. Just as you’d wear rain boots to keep out the rain, they’re high enough to step in 2-foot-tall snowbanks and still remain relatively dry! Just call me Miss MacGyver.


This - Build-Your-Own-Beanie

To me, the easiest way to stay stylish in the winter is with accessories. With the right beanie, scarf, and mitten combo you can look put together and keep your fingers from freezing off. A great way to add a personal touch to your winter accessories is to customize them! Lindo F Fur has a build-your-own program where you can mix and match the different pieces of your beanie/toque. Pick a playful pompom to throw on-top of the hat and make it your own. You can even do this with other baubleless-beanies, just grab a pompom from your local craft store and sew it on. Poof, personalized!

That - Tech to the Touch

Just because you’re staying warm and trying not to get hypothermia, doesn’t mean you can’t still use all of your devices. As a blogger, I’m always on my phone. So, having smart phone compatible mittens are the best cold-weather compromise. Gloves like these ones are fabulous and functional. With little pads on the fingertips, you can still scroll through your feed while it’s the same temperature as your freezer outside. I really don’t know what I ever did without these in my life.

How do you stay warm in the winter? Are your winters frigid like ours are in Toronto, or more mild like Vancouver or California? Share with me your crazy winter stories in the comments below! I’m curious to hear what you’ll do on the quest to stay warm in 2019.


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